Colorado Law

While we are very excited that you would like to order our DVD’s and have them shipped to you in Colorado, we first need to explain some of the continuing education laws in Colorado.

First, let me start by saying that Colorado has no continuing education requirements for massage therapists. However, the Division of Private Occupation Schools, the DPOS, in Denver, Colorado has some highly restrictive laws around anyone offering continuing education.

These highly restrictive laws do not only pertain to massage therapy, they are applicable to any private education of any kind. They in no way reflect upon the quality of our product, and what we do in no way factors into these laws. These laws are consistent for anyone trying to provide continuing education of any kind in the state of Colorado.

Anyone attempting to teach continuing education in Colorado has to have their course approved through the DPOS board and must be sponsored by an approved private school. Our 3-day seminars are approved through the DPOS and sponsored by Healing Spirits Massage Therapy Program in Boulder, Colorado.

When we first approached the DPOS about producing DVD’s, they looked upon the project as a textbook and did not require us to have it approved. However, in order to get approved through the NCBTMB we had to provide a test for each DVD with CE’s attached. The DPOS believes that this test makes this a class and therefore we are unable to ship DVD’s with CE’s attached to any address in Colorado.

If you would like us to ship your order outside of Colorado we will be happy to do that. If you would like to purchase the DVD without CE’s attached, you may also do that. If you need CE’s and would like to take one of our approved courses, you will be provided with CE’s. However, if you purchase a DVD set with CE’s attached and want it to be shipped to a Colorado address, we will call or email you to inform you that we are unable to do that. A full refund will be made and we will not ship any DVD’s with CE’s attached to a Colorado address.

Finally, you may practice SMRT in Colorado without restriction. You will have full use of the information in the DVD even if you are licensed in Colorado. We just cannot ship the DVD to a Colorado address if CE’s are attached to it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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