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Outstanding Training!

I had tools I could use right away after taking the Full Circle classes. Very good optional videos to purchase if you want them. Look forward to the next class.

Best technique ever

I took the hip/knee SMRT class in Sept. 2014. It was without doubt the best class I have ever taken. Many of my clients are bed bound or have fibromyalgia, lupus or other problems that preclude using a lot of pressure to give the relief they need. SMRT is perfect for these clients. An it is so easy to do. Not much wear and tear on me either!


In a desperate search for CE hours that made sense for my practice, were within driving distance, and affordable, I took a chance on this SMRT course for back and spine with no idea what it was really about. Wow!
This technique is so gentle and effective for the majority of my clients, and I continue to benefit from the challenge to recall specific anatomy information.
Please come closer to Nashville, TN again ... I want to learn more!

Loved the HIPS & SACRUM Class

I absolutely love this work!!
I have worked for years w/ clients who are medically compromised and this work is gentle enough to use everyday. There are many very happy clients in my clinic.

I will be taking all the classes I can to learn more.
Not to mention my chronic SI issues are GONE!!!!

Thank you Dawn & Wini for your great talents, SMRT is a game changer!!


This class was absolutely AMAZING! Patty and Ashley were wonderful instructors. They presented the information in a clear and professional manner. I was able to learn and review information in a timely fashion. I enjoyed this class and would recommend all licensed massage therapist to invest in working SMRT!

awesome seminar. great response from clients!!

Advanced Shoulder, Axilla & Ribcage

This class was just the best, tying everything together from the basics and taking you to the next super therapist level. Allowing you to do several moves at one time. I am so grateful that Dawn Lewis has put together such a fabulous advanced class.

The workbook materials are awesome w/ more details and arrows!! Love this!!

As a therapist who often works w/ medically challenged clients that can only have light pressure these techniques were the answer to many of my prayers. Cranial Sacral work has been my therapy of choice for much of this population prior to learning SMRT. I now combine the 2 and my clients love me more than ever.

As a certified Lymphedema Therapist, I am able to apply these techniques for my Lymphedema clients & address issues of frozen shoulder and more, to the effected quadrant.

If you are a therapist and wish to extend the life of your career these techniques are for you. SMRT is easy on the therapist, and most importantly more effective at releasing tissue than any other technique I have seen. Fast, very effective, and lasting changes for your clients.

Thank you Dawn.
I am looking forward to the advanced Head/Neck

Highly recommended

This was an excellent course! Dawn has an amazing working knowledge of anatomy and was able to break things down and present it to us in a manageable way. The class was a good balance of "book" instruction, demonstration and practicum. I would highly recommend her class to others. The SMRT technique has been very helpful to many of my clients as I begin to implement what I learned in class. I plan to take another class in the future.

I learned so much I've just been sharing it with everyone! This is a real game changer for me in such an awesome way so, THANK ALL THREE OF YOU (Dawn, Kathy, and Patti) I've really been getting excellent feedback, and I've only been to ONE workshop so far 😉 Looking forward to learning the whole body!!! You ladies know your stuff!!! xoxoxoxo

A convert

After reading numerous posts by Dawn, I contacted a fellow therapist that had ART training. I wasn't sure about muscles' "spontaneously" releasing, being a MFR therapist. He assured me that, yes indeed, muscles could release in a very short amount of time, so I registered for the Marble Falls, TX class. In the mean time, I did not look up any additional info or videos about SMRT, so came into the class knowing nothing and a bit skeptical. It took me a bit to understand the concept, but once I got it, WOW! I have been looking for a new modality that will integrate with MFR and have finally found it! Dawn is an amazing teacher and she was incredibly patient with me--some of the releases require a combination of 2 or 3 moves and at first I had a hard time following. Dawn and Kathy gave me the assistance I needed to not only perform a given technique, but helped me get beyond the basics, as much as you can in a seminar. Since I've been home, I've used SMRT on all my clients and gotten great results--just like in class, which gives a beginner so much confidence. Thank you Dawn! I'll be taking more classes, so don't leave your wonderful teaching style but especially your patience at home!

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