• Neck Anatomy

    Posted on August 9, 2011 by Dawn in Anatomy, Human Body.


    O:  Styloid process of the Temporal bone

    I:  Hyoid bone

    A:  Draws the hyoid bone posterior



    O:  Superior Border of the Scapula

    I:  Hyoid Bone

    A:  Depresses the hyoid bone




    Longus Colli

    O:  Anterior Aspects of C3 through T3

    I:  Anterior Aspect of C1 through C7

    A:  Flexion of head and neck


    Longus Capitis

    O:  Anterior Aspect of Transverse Processes of C3 through C6

    I:  Basilar aspect of the inferior Occiput

    A:  Flex and rotate head and neck

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