• Neck Pain

    Posted on August 15, 2011 by Dawn in Anatomy, Human Body, Muscle Pain, Questions and Answers.

    Issue:  An 8-year-old came to me with a sore neck.  The pain was right underneath her occiput.

    Solution:  Kids are not as resilient as we like to think.  Bad pillows, crazy heavy back packs, braces, retainers, head gear, sleeping in strange places, it all effects them and the effects can be lasting.  Luckily, kids do react faster than adults most of the time.  They react to less pressure and in less time, so by the time they begin to squirm, most things can be worked through.  In this case, the young girl’s sphenobasilar joint (the joint between the occiput and the sphenoid in the cranial base) was misaligned.  It appeared to be misaligned because of a misalignment of the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage in the anterior neck.  This misalignment had caused her jaw to become stuck to one side, which had immobilized the temporal bone on that side, which had shifted the sphenoid to that side.  Problem was the occiput was busy compensating for cervical vertebrae that had shifted in the opposite direction, so the sphenobasilar joint had misaligned.  It took about 25 minutes to remobilize and realign the bones.  By then she was squirming and it was time to be done.

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