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    Some days I really love what I do. I recently worked on a woman having knee pain. There was a mass, for lack of a better term, of bound up tissue in her lateral gastroc. I touched it. She yelped. It was very, very tender. I gently assessed it and then used an SMRT position from the foot to get rid of it.
    Then, I took her foot and moved the foot, ankle, and lower leg into a position to target that area of gastrocnemius. This is when I felt the muscle slack and felt the bound up tissue begin to dissipate. I held the position. Since I was moving only from the foot to the upper posterior lower leg, I was not using much force or muscle action to hold the position

    Working the SMRT Way!

    She took a deep breath and said “that feels so good, I feel that all the way into my hip.” The tissue shifted toward midline and I released the position. I went back to re-palpate and could not find the mass of bound up tissue. I asked her to tell me where it was tender. She told me there was no tenderness. Now my palpation was deeper than gastroc, deeper than soleus, and into tibialis posterior, and there was no tenderness. Nice!! And it had all taken about 45 seconds!
    She left with no lower back and standing up straight. When she arrived she was bent and could hardly go up the stairs. Working the SMRT way!

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