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  • My abdomen is sore and bloated

    Issue:  My abdomen is continuously bloated and sore.

    Possible solution:  This can be caused by many different things.  You may have a diagnosable disease, such as diverticulosis.  Alternatively, you may be low in enzymes and unable to digest your food.  Another possibility is that you have recently taken antibiotics and have destroyed much of the good flora and fauna needed for healthy digestion.  The diverticulitis portion of diverticulosis (in other words, the inflammation caused by the disease) can be controlled by diet fairly well.  Enzymes are available in the healthfood store, as are probiotics to replace your flora and fauna.  If none of these things help you, you may simply have weak muscle tone in your abdomen.  Sitting for long periods of time without adequate exercise of the abdominal area can cause continuous bloating and soreness.  Start a core workout, easy at first, but working longer and harder each week, and a yoga routine that includes backbends, again easy at first.  The other thing you need however, is massage.  Your symptoms contra-indicate most massage therapy modalities, but not SMRT.  The abdominal SMRT workup will actually help your inflammation and soreness and allow the exercise and yoga to do a better job.

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