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    So, self-responsibility.  Knowing when you need to know more.  Accepting that someone else cannot, absolutely cannot, be fully responsible for your health.  Knowing that all the pieces of our medical landscape have their place in your care.  Our general attitude about doctors is to either idolize them or make them into villains.  They are neither.  They are human beings who have trained to do a job just as you hopefully have.  Some of them are exceptional at that job, some are terrible.  But in the end, you pay your insurance and your insurance pays them, they work for you.  And if you do not think one particular doctor is up to the task at hand, find another one.  And if you do not feel that the treatments doctors have to offer you are right for the pain you have, seek out another treatment or do some self-care.  Do not be timid about your healthcare because no one cares more about your pain, your health, than you do.


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