• Alleviating Rib Pain

    Yesterday a client that I have been seeing for several years came for her appointment in severe pain. She said that she had reached down to pick up a dart and felt something pull in her right lower anterior and lateral ribcage. She had gone to the doctor and nothing was broken. The medication they gave her for pain had done nothing to relieve the pain. She was having difficulty sleeping and was in pain with any movement.

    When I palpated the area (very softly) the first thing I noticed was inflammation. I used a few SMRT moves and the inflammation dissipated within a few minutes. Her tenderness decreased enough at that point to allow me to softly feel the ribs. It felt like she had a subluxation at the costochondral joint of the right rib.

    Using the principles of SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique), I moved the rib into its current pattern. Hoping to enhance the release, I also duplicated the position of the tenth rib and twisted the eighth rib toward the seventh. 30 seconds later I released and re-palpated to find that the costochondral joint of the ninth rib felt much better, not completely back to normal, but much better.

    I continued to use SMRT (and only SMRT because most other modalities were contraindicated and I knew SMRT was the best way to treat the area) on her lower right ribcage for the next 10 minutes before moving to her feet.

    I texted her today to see how she was feeling and she was able to almost sleep through the night.

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