Anatomy Book for Massage Therapists

This 250 page anatomy book covers bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. We start with bones and joints and work our way through the skeleton from the feet to the head. Next, we move into muscles and nerves, again working from the feet to the head. Each page is color coded, so you can pick out needed information by looking at the color of the box holding that information.

Each page for the skeleton includes location of the bones being discussed and bony landmarks on those bones. Joint pages include classification and type of joint. Origins, insertions, actions, and innervation is included on each muscle page, as well as antagonist and synergistic muscle relationships for each action of the muscle. Finally, nerve pages include where the nerve line begins, the pathway of the nerve, and where the nerve terminates.

This book was written by a massage therapist and massage therapy instructor for anatomy taught to massage therapists. It was written as a textbook for anatomy classes in basic massage therapy programs, as well as for reference when working with clients or writing SOAP notes.


cranial bones anatomy book
Glenohumeral joint anatomy book
Tibialis anterior anatomy book
Femoral nerve anatomy book


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