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    Recently I have been working on an 11-year-old girl who is a flyer in cheerleading. Apparently flyers have a high occurrence of ankle issues.

    This young lady is having an ankle issue, but not from cheering. She was chasing her brother and hit the wall with the medial side of her foot. The doctor believes her subcutaneous bursa on the medial malleolus became inflamed.

    Two weeks ago, during our first session for her foot, I began by working on the alignment of her ankle and foot, and releasing all the muscle tissue. With 20 minutes left in the hour (although her mom knew the session may not be a full hour), I did a release for the bursa sac of her medial malleous, which was inflamed.

    25 seconds later, the inflammation was down by an estimated 85%. I repeated this release and the inflammation again diminished. With her pain gone, and nothing left for me to do, I ended the session and prorated the hour for her mother, who is a long time client.

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