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    Working on a client this week who came to me for the first time about a month ago. Her complaint was severe right shoulder pain and she had been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome in the right shoulder. The first time I worked on her I worked her shoulder. We got limited results. Her pain was completely alleviated when she left but returned within 2 days. The second time I worked on her I focused on her right forearm, elbow, wrist, and hand. This is where she feels tension.

    Effective arm and hand work can take a little time. I spent an entire hour using SMRT on just her right arm and hand, which lacked mobility and were very thick and tight. The main issue was the flexor digitorum superficialis attachment on the middle and upper anterior radius. When we were done with that session, the muscles were pliable and she had increased mobility in the joints in her hand, her wrist, her elbow, and her shoulder.

    Less Pain

    This week, when she arrived for her third session, she told me that her arm had been sore for about a day. Then she felt no pain for the majority of the time since I last saw her 2 weeks before. She has break through pain with certain activities, but the frequency is lessened as is the amount of the pain.

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