• Arm Work

    Arm work is one of the most amazing things to receive. Well, good arm work is one of the most amazing things to receive. Several times since I began to receive bodywork almost 30 years ago, I have had really bad arm work. Some bodyworkers seem not to understand how to control the arms. I have had my arms flopped, flipped, and dropped. Others do not seem to have enough information about the arms to work more than 5 minutes on the entire arm from hand to shoulder.

    This is frustrating because arm and hand work feels so good. When I find a therapist, be it during a full body or someone who is working specifically on my arms, who is confident and capable with the arms and hands, I am in paradise. Nothing is more soothing or fantastic than having the part of my body that I use constantly every day of my life for massage, typing, cooking, driving, etc. really paid attention to.

    I am always amazed that our SMRT: Arm & Hand courses have our lowest enrollment. I take arm and hand courses just to have my arms worked on! And the SMRT arm and hand work is absolutely amazing. When Rhonda, Patti, and I get together once a year to do tandems on each other for 4 days, we will give up other parts of the body, but we always have our arms and hands worked. They work too hard for us to be ignored any longer.

    Our final SMRT: Arm & Hand course of 2014 will be in Wichita, KS November 7th and 8th. Please join us by registering at https://efullcircle.com/spontaneous-muscle-release-technique-arm-hand/