• Ashley’s Story

    For many years I have been doing private internships with my SMRT students. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day working with Ashley and her clients. We had several dramatic changes in people’s pain and alignment throughout the day, including a woman whose entire face looked different and a woman whose full body alignment corrected in just an hour of SMRT. There was one cancellation during the day, and Ashley put herself into that hour. Below is her story with before and after pictures.

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    Ashley’s Story

    On top of an awesome weekend finishing up basic training of SMRT, I had an absolutely AMAZING day today! Thank you again Dawn Lewis for giving me the opportunity to intern with you!! It was a truly awesome experience that helped me put the puzzle pieces together!

    I was also able to receive some work today as well. The first picture is before the session (my arm is all wonked off to the side), and the second is after a 60 minute session.

    Ashley Before - Photo 1Ashley Before 2

    Ashley Before SMRT

    Ashley After 1Ashley After 2

    Ashley after 60 minute SMRT session

    Those of you who know me and know about my shoulder/arm issues from when I broke my arm 11.5 years ago, know how much relief work on that arm can give me. I received almost the same results a couple of years ago when I took my first SMRT class and other than the awesome instruction of the class (seriously, I’m not just praising it for the heck of it) THIS result is what sold me on the technique… If a technique this gentle can provide results this massive with a major compensation pattern tied in with scar tissue, then I could only (at that time) imagine how much I can help others with it.