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Assessment Webinars

Each Assessment class will focus on a different area and/or issue and will be approximately 3 and a half hours long. Each Assessment class is NCBTMB approved for 4 CEs. Assessment classes will be added to Full Circle’s Advanced level subscription service. Cost for the Advanced level subscription service is $54.95/month.

Assessment classes that will be filmed and uploaded in 2024:

  • Lower Legs & Feet
  • Thighs & Knees
  • Hips
  • The Vertebrae
  • Rib Cage
  • Neck
  • Head
  • Shoulder: Scapular Focus
  • Shoulder: Humeral Focus
  • The Elbow
  • Forearms, Wrists, & Hands


Videos, Books, Slides, Vlogs, and more are on Full Circle’s subscription service.

Basic subscription will include:

1) all SMRT basic videos and textbooks, including head & neck; arm & hand; shoulder, axilla, ribcage, & upper back; hips, lower back, & abdomen; and lower extremities.

2) CEs for all video classes listed above.

3) basic SMRT textbooks may be downloaded one time. Videos cannot be downloaded.

4) shorter videos on individual SMRT moves (these videos do not carry CEs).

5) anatomy videos (these videos do not carry CEs).

6) movement videos (these videos do not carry CEs).

7) short vlogs about clients, specific issues, specific areas of the body, and anything else we think we want to add.

Advanced subscription will include:

1) everything in the basic subscription.

2) all advanced SMRT videos and workbooks, including advanced head & neck; advanced arm & hand; advanced shoulder, axilla, ribcage, & upper back; advanced hips, lower back, & abdomen; and advanced lower extremities.

3) 11 in depth, advanced assessment classes and slides for each class.

4) advanced SMRT workbooks and slides for assessment classes may be downloaded once. Videos cannot be downloaded.

5) CEs for all videos in 2) and 3).

6) additional advanced content videos and vlogs (these do not carry CEs).

7) and anything else we think will help you understand and treat clients, family, and/or yourself.

Subscriptions may be canceled at any time. If you cancel in the middle of a month that has been paid for, no refund will be made. Periodically, we will sell a limited number of lifetime memberships.

For customer service having to do with your connection or an inability to access videos or written material, please contact Nick Vehanen at nick.vehanen.fullcircle@gmail.com. If you have questions about technique on the videos, please email contactfullcircleschool@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.