• Back Pain

    Posted on October 19, 2018 by Dawn in Anatomy, Back & Spine, bodywork, massage therapy, Ribs, SMRT, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique.

    Weird Feeling

    Tuesday, one of our clients came in for a yoga class. As I walked into our classroom she was telling the yoga teacher about her back. She mentioned how she often had pain and “a weird feeling” in the middle of her back.

    Without thinking I reached out and touched her back. I found extreme tension at the costovertebral joints of the 9th and 10th rib. She had a lateral flexion pattern on the right (she was bent on the right side at the waist). I asked if this was the spot, she said yes, I felt farther out, and did an SMRT position.

    The yoga teacher asked what it was. I explained that the 12th rib was tucked under the 11th. It was pushing the 11th rib posterior and putting pressure on the 9th and 10th rib as well as the vertebrae. It also created tension in all the musculature attaching to all 4 ribs.

    Like Magic!

    As I said this, for that 30 seconds, I held the SMRT position. I released the position, and I felt her back again. All of the ribs had shifted anterior. They were in line with the rest of the rib cage, and the tissue at the costovertebral joints was significantly reduced. She said, “wow, that’s better, you’re like magic!” The lateral flexion pattern was still there, she would need more work. Thank goodness I have an actual appointment with her next week!

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