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    The first involves a man we will call Matthew. Matthew is a man in his seventies who recently had surgery and was unable to urinate. Of course, Matthew had been on a catheter since being released from the hospital several months before. They had tried everything, and finally his doctors were talking about doing another surgery to unadhere the bladder from the abdominal wall. They didn’t know that this was the issue, but could not think of anything else to do. A few months back, I wrote a short article for our newsletter about this phenomenon (entitled, “to pee or not to pee”). Read To Pee or Not to Pee A good friend of Matthew’s had seen this article online and wrote to us. One of our old Full Circle graduates happened to live only 15 minutes from Matthew. We contacted Carrin and she agreed to work on him. Carrin worked on Matthew twice, using the releases that I detailed in the article and a little more that she remembered from her training. Matthew had the catheter removed and did not have success, he still could not urinate. However, he went back to Carrin one more time. A day later when they removed the catheter, suddenly he found that he was able to urinate. His urination pattern was a little off in the beginning, which can be caused by the damage done to the urethra by the catheter. Sometimes it can take as much as a week for the urethra to heal enough to allow proper muscle contraction of the bladder. And, remember, the bladder muscles had been non-functioning for several months. I am so happy for Matthew. Carrin and I do not know if the work she did really did the trick, but according to Matthew’s friend, it was the only new thing they tried.

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