• Bladder Issues

    Bladder Issues

    I am teaching SMRT hips, lower back, & abdomen right now. Getting to Fort Worth for this class was an adventure. We had an enormous blizzard in Aurora, they cancelled my flight, closed all major (and most minor) highways in and out of the city, I decided to drive around the highway closure, and the rest of the 13 hours to get myself to class. My 17-year-old granddaughter decided to come with me.

    She has been my demo in class. For several months she has been having unidentified bladder issues. Our first demo yesterday was sacrum work. Across her posterior sacrum was visible inflammation. Her legs were shifted to her left (she felt straight). She flinched when I touched her (this is why she hasn’t let me work on her for all these months, she is afraid I will hurt her). Her sacrum was sitting anterior and I was barely able to feel it. Her coccyx was shifted right at sacrococcygeal joint and left at the distal end.

    A Few SMRT Positions Later…

    I showed the first position in the demo, altering it slightly for her body. When I released the position, one of the students noted that the inflammation was visibly reduced. I showed the second position, using my palm because direct finger pressure was impossible with her level of tenderness. When I released the position, her sacrum had shifted to a more posterior position.

    I continued. Three more positions and suddenly she lifted her head and said, “I have to go to the bathroom now.” Her bladder was suddenly working. When she returned and got back on the table, her legs were almost straight. The last piece was to address the tension caused by the position of the coccyx. This took one SMRT position. One of the students told me how surprising it was that such small, targeted movements could make so much change. When my granddaughter got off the table, she did a little dance and said how much better she felt. I refrained from pointing out that I had been offering to work on her for months!

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