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Bodywork Continuing Education Seminar

1st Annual 5-day, 40 CE, Bodywork Continuing Education Seminar

What is it?

This seminar is 5 NCBTMB approved instructors teaching 8-CE, 1-day NCBTMB approved class(es) each.

Where will it be held?

Sedona, Arizona

When will it happen?

December 4-8, 2017

What is the venue for the seminar?

Sedona Elks Lodge
Coconino National Forest
110 Airport Rd.
Sedona, AZ 86336


Sedona Rouge
Coconino National Forest
2250 W. State Rte 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336

Pricing for accommodations?

$158 per night not including taxes, fees, and a $2 per day housekeeping charge
Price above is for 1 or 2 people in a room
$25 per person for each person above 2 in the room
Hotel will waive $22 per room per day resort fee
Parking is free for guests
10% off spa treatments

Dates the accommodation pricing is good for?

Room block dates are Sunday, December 3, 2017 through Thursday, December 7, 2017 (so checking out Friday, December 8, 2017 in the morning). Daniel has graciously agreed to honor these rates for 3 nights before our room block and 3 nights after our room block, for anyone wanting to stay longer. Reservations must be made by November 3, 2017 to receive this pricing

Who is responsible for paying for accommodations?

Your accommodations are not included in your tuition
You will be responsible for making your reservations, as well as for paying for your accommodations and incidentals
Room sharing is encouraged

What will I need to bring?

Participants should bring linens and oil/lotion/cream

Is food included in the tuition?

No, because of special food needs, all food decisions will be made and paid for by each individual participant

What is the tuition?

$750 for 5 days or $500 for 3 days, if you register 60+ days before the seminar (so on or before October 5, 2017) you will receive a 10% discount

Who are the instructors?

  • Jen Hartley and Chris Hallwas
  • Melinda Hastings
  • Dawn Lewis and Patti Schuneman
  • Dale Montelione Grust
  • Melinda Loo

What classes will be taught?

Monday, December 4, 2017 from 8 am to 5 pm
Course Title: Burn Scar Massage

Instructors: Jen Hartley and Chris Hallwas
2015 EDUCATORS OF THE YEAR by the California AMTA
(American Massage Therapy Association)

Course description:
Handle with Care Massage invites you to attend a new and exciting way to obtain your CEU’s. Earn 8 hours of specialized continuing education units in Burn Scar Massage Therapy.

Burn Scar Massage Therapy is taught by Jen Hartley, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and a burn survivor herself. Jen has been a burn survivor for over 43 years and is one of only two instructors in the country that teach this modality. Jen was scalded by hot water at 15 months old and has third degree burns over the lower 56% of her body.

Burn Scar Massage Therapy Executive Director is Chris Hallwas who is also a survivor of minor burns and knows the effects that they have not only on the body but also on the spirit of a burn survivor.

Burn Scar Massage Therapy offer’s the following learning criteria: Learn to identify varying degrees of burns and the body systems they affect. Learn various psychological and emotional issues faced by burn survivors that can potentially lead to an “emotional release” during massage. Learn the positive indications as well as the negative contraindications posed by massaging burn survivors. Learn the proper burn scar massage protocol to treat the various degrees of burns in the different stages of recovery.

The class is an 8 hr course. The first half of class is information pertaining to the varying degrees of burns, types of scar tissue, the physical as well as emotional issues faced by burn survivors. It is presented with vivid power point photos of burn survivors and their scars. There is also a section which includes a powerful video description of burn injuries and recoveries.
We have a manual of all the information we share so that they can listen rather than having to scribble notes and the manual also has an outline of the protocol we cover in class and it is adapted for the therapist to be able to perform it if the burn survivor is bed-ridden.

The second half of class is when our burn survivor volunteers arrive. There is a brief period where they share the story of their accidents and answer any questions that the therapist may have and then we are hands-on for the remainder of the class. To me it is a unique experience and not because I am the instructor or a massage therapist, but because I have been a burn survivor myself since I was 15 months old. I know how important touch is to a burn survivor and I believe massage therapist have the opportunity to reintegrate safe touch back into the lives of burn survivors.

Instructors website: http://www.handlewithcaremassage.com/education

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 from 8 am to 5 pm
Course Title: DT: Headache Focus

Instructor: Melinda Hastings
Course description:
Headaches are a common complaint from clients, so it’s important to understand different headache types and how to effectively treat each one. Master headache relief and gain clients for life! You’ll learn advanced techniques that will allow you to help reduce pain and reduce headache frequency. This seminar covers migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and rebound headaches, as well as pharmacology. BONUS! If you have previously taken our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage seminar, you may bring your stones for additional instruction.
Instructors website: www.inspiredtherapistseminars.com

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 from 8 am to 5 pm
Course Title: SMRT for the feet and ankles

Dawn Lewis
Patti Schuneman

Instructors: Dawn Lewis and Patti Schuneman

Course description:

SMRT for the feet and ankles is an in-depth class that will teach you to work with the joints, ligaments, and muscles of the feet and ankles. You will learn to successfully work with:


  • Foot and ankle surgeries
  • Toe fusions
  • Calcaneal tendon tears and/or surgeries
  • Chronic inflammation in the ankle joint
  • Ankle immobilization
  • Overpronation or oversupination of the foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, and tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • And more

SMRT is a positional release modality that interrupts pain signals in the body, painlessly resolves trigger points, has an incredibly calming effect on the nervous system, and is highly stimulating to the lymphatic system. By working with all tissues in any given area, SMRT easily and quickly allows the tissues to balance and the joints to realign effortlessly, re-establishing correct posture. Benefits of SMRT include:

  • natural realignment of joints by directly releasing specific ligaments and joint structures
  • pain free resolution of trigger points
  • swift and painless removal of adhesions
  • disruption of the positive feedback loops of pain in the nervous system
  • considerable stimulation of the lymphatic system

All of this is done quickly, with almost no pain to the client, and in a way that is tremendously easy on your body. Because we have disrupted the pain loops, settled the parasympathetic nervous system, created almost no additional pain, and brought the area back to homeostasis, the results of an SMRT treatment last.
Instructors website: https://efullcircle.com/

Thursday, December 7, 2017 from 8 am to 5 pm
Course Titles: Hot Stone Massage for Feet, Hands, and Arms and
Therapeutic Anti-Aging Face and Neck Massage 

Instructor: Dale Montelione Grust

Course descriptions:
Hot Stone Massage for Feet, Hands, and Arms for your clients and yourself (this is a 4 CE course)
Our hands and feet take a beating every day and a relaxing massage is a welcome relief.  This class is designed to show you ways to address common injuries such as plantar fasciitis as well as how to pamper the extremities with soothing hot stone massage. Working the intricate musculature of the hands and feet can be challenging to our own hands, especially our thumbs, unless we work consciously and carefully.
We will review the anatomy of the feet, hands, and forearms and discuss common problems that can arise in these areas.  Proper body mechanics are an integral part of this course and you will learn how to work with stones without compromising your wrists and hands.
The contraindications/considerations of hot stone massage will be reviewed and we will discuss ways to alter sessions to accommodate certain conditions. You will learn how to heat or cool stones to the proper temperature to achieve our desired therapeutic outcome: deep muscle relief without causing tissue trauma and learn how to sanitize your stones for client safety.  Stone massage can save your hands and extend your career.  You will be working with more ease and less strain.

Course Objectives:
At the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • List contraindications/considerations for hot stone massage
  • Describe how to heat stones to a safe temperature
  • Demonstrate how to properly hold a stones without compromising their wrists or hands
  • Manipulate the soft tissue of the hands, arms, and feet using stones
  • Demonstrate how to use a stone to treat myofascial tissue and trigger points
  • Demonstrate proper body mechanics

Therapeutic Anti-Aging Face and Neck Massage (this is a 4 CE course)

This comprehensive training combines the best of both worlds – anti-aging facial massage plus therapeutic massage of the neck and face. Gentle yet precise strokes using stones, both warm and cold, will relax muscles, tone and tighten the face, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Relieving tension in the face, jaw and neck will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Our technique combines acupressure to stimulate the nerves in the face with a series of vertical and horizontal moves to relax facial muscles and connective tissue, increase blood flow and stimulate lymph drainage.  We will work specifically with the muscles of the jaw, face, and neck to address tension in the jaw, headaches, and tension held in the neck.

The use of organic pomegranate oil will encourage cell rejuvenation and moisturize and tone the epidermis with its unique omega-5 fatty acid, polyphenols and inherent delivery system.

Students will learn how to heat or cool stones to the proper temperature to achieve our desired therapeutic outcome: deep muscle relief without causing tissue trauma. And they will learn how to clean their stones for client safety.
The contraindications of hot stone massage will be reviewed and we will discuss ways to alter sessions to accommodate certain conditions.

Course Objectives:
At the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to properly hold and use a stone without compromising their wrists or hands
  • Describe the benefits of using stones hot or cold
  • Explain how to regulate stone temperature
  • Identify how to introduce cold stones into the massage
  • Demonstrate how use acupressure points to stimulate the nerves of the face
  • Describe the benefits of neck and facial massage
  • Identify muscles of the face and neck

Instructors website: https://corestonemassage.com/home/

Friday, December 8, 2017 from 8 am to 5 pm
Course Title: Making Bank in Private Practice

Instructor: Melinda Loo

Course description: This class is geared to newly licensed massage therapists, body-workers getting back into the business, therapists transitioning out of spa or clinic settings wanting to pursue self-employment, established practitioners who want to increase their business knowledge, and/or practitioners looking to relocate.

There are 3 common paths for working as an independent therapist. By taking this class, therapists will gain an understanding these approaches to setting up a successful practice, as well as ways for building a practice on a minimal budget and then transitioning into a larger operation, plus how to manage the back-end with ease and confidence.

This “guide to success” was built from trial and improvement. If implemented, these steps will lead to success. I work part-time and gross over 100k/year. This recipe has definitely worked for me!
Individual results vary!!!

Course Objectives:
The learning objectives for this course include:

  • students learn a successful approaches to a private practice
  • students learn sound strategies for running the backend
  • students learn keys to customer service and relationship building
  • students learn the pros and cons of a private practice
  • students learn how to build a practice from scratch on a minimal budget
  • students learn how to expand their practice into a larger operation

Therapists that can benefit from this course are persons:

  • Out of school (0-3 years) or getting back into the business
  • Transitioning out of spa or clinic settings
  • Relocating or want to move
  • Pursuing self-employment
  • Desiring to transition from a hobby to business
  • Established practitioners who want to increase their business knowledge

Instructors website: http://www.melindaloo.com/


Register for the Full 5-Day Conference

Register for the 3-Days Only. If you select this option YOU MUST CALL 720-412-1240 to let us know which 3 seminars you want to enroll in.