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  • Breathing easier with SMRT

    Last night I got a wonderful phone call from Patti (who begins teaching SMRT on her own in a week! My first traveling SMRT instructor!). About 3 weeks ago, Patti, Robert, and I taught an SMRT hip girdle course in Tucson, AZ. Patti has a second home about 30 minutes south of Tucson. One of the students in this class is an osteopath. She called Patti and asked if she could bring her 92-year-old husband to Patti. When they came for their session yesterday, Patti learned that he had broken his right (I believe) femur over 40 years ago and lost 5/8 of an inch in femur length, he has scoliosis, he had been a plastic surgeon most of his life, and his main complaint was trouble breathing. Patti coached our SMRT osteopathic student in how to work on her husband’s rib cage. Patti worked his rib cage, abdomen, and back. When he left he reported a significant positive change in his breathing, he was no longer bent at the hip, and his spine had become noticeably straighter. All involved were thrilled!