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  • Chronic Headache

    Chronic Headache

    This week I saw a client that I have seen only once before. He was referred to me for a chronic headache. His headache was centered in the suboccipital area. At times the pain radiated around the side of the head and up into the temple. I spent most of our first hour using SMRT. I worked the muscles attaching to the occiput, the anterior neck, and the jaw. There is one move we do for the head that can be used at almost any point on the head and it is very easy. We squeeze.

    Brain Relaxer

    When I saw this client this week for the second time, he reported no headache in the 2 weeks since I had last seen him. This was the first period of time he had experienced without a headache in over 3 years. Then he said, “you know why I bought one of your packages last time?” I shook my head. “I knew you were a keeper when you squeezed the back of my head and I felt my brain relax.” I need to put this on my cards – brain relaxer.
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