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    Chronic Headaches

    Okay, I am going to tell you a funny and mildly graphic and useful story. One of my clients has chronic, intense headaches. She messaged me last week begging for an appointment. She had gone to the doctor, gotten pills, taken them, and felt the headache was worse instead of better. I am booked a month in advance, but luckily I had a cancellation the next day.

    Much of her issue is that her chest collapses, her shoulders round forward, and she has an accentuated lordotic curve in her neck. I worked her upper back and the back of her rib cage, turned her over, and began to work the front of her shoulders, chest, and ribcage. There came a point when I knew that her breasts were part of the issue.
    See, she has rather large implants. I finally looked at her breasts (which were under the sheet, of course). Her right breast was very anterior and superior, while the left was more lateral and inferior. The position of her breasts indicated to me that the fascia on her chest was (what?) shifted/pulled/imbalanced. I asked if I could place my hands around her right breast and twisted it one way and then the other.

    A Little Twist

    While doing this I felt an area lateral and inferior, on the lateral side of the implant pocket, that was stuck to her rib cage and likely what was holding the breast on the anterior rib cage. I positioned it into the twist it preferred and held. When I released the position, her right breast was sitting much more lateral and no more stuck fascia on the rib cage. Her shoulders dropped back, her chest was much more open, and the lordotic curve in her neck lessened! Now, this is not my first time working with breast tissue, but it was one of the more dramatic.

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