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  • Chronic Knee Pain

    The coolest thing happened to me in a session the other day.  I was working on a client with chronic right knee issues.  Her knee issue is, of course, complicated.  She travels quite a bit with an uneven gait, which weakens and misaligns her ankles, which moves her tibia out of its natural pocket, etc., etc.

    She scheduled 2 hours, so I had meticulously worked her foot, lower leg, and thigh.  I was sitting at her knee.  I had released each of the four major ligaments.  The mobility in her knee was already greatly improved, but the distal IT band, while looser than it had been, was still tight.

    Normally we release the IT band from the foot.  This time I took the head of fibula and moved it superior and slightly anterior.  I held this position for about 30 seconds.  When I repalpated, the distal aspect of her right IT band was pliable, unadhered, and soft.  It was fabulous!  And it helped move out the rest of the tension in the distal portion of vastus lateralis without any effort on my part.  Try this move, and join us for our SMRT: Thigh & Knee and/or SMRT: Lower Leg & Foot courses (approved for 12 CE’s each) in Seattle, WA, May 9-11, https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/