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  • Chronic Neck Pain 2 of 3

    Issue:  Chronic neck pain, continued….

    Solution:  The chronic misalignment of the 66 year old client’s first ribs causes a chronic misalignment of C7 and T1.  This begins the misalignment of the rest of the cervical vertebrae, as well as the upper thoracic vertebrae.  So, first I used SMRT to release the ligaments in his cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae.  Next, I realigned his first ribs, using SMRT, active release, and range of motion.  Immediately the tension in the muscle tissue began to alleviate.  Although this was wonderful to feel during the massage, I knew and cautioned him that this problem was chronic and this one massage would not take care of it.  He would need constant maintenance.  The next contributing factor to our client’s chronic neck pain is reading.  To be continued……

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