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Colorado Law

If you are a Colorado licensed therapist you will be unable to receive CE credit from a video or home-study course.

All of Full Circle School’s video or home-study courses are NCBTMB approved.  However, they are not separately approved through the DPOS of Colorado.  DPOS rules do not allow Colorado based private occupational schools to provide CE credit to Colorado based therapists without courses being DPOS approved.

Full Circle School’s live SMRT and other CE courses are DPOS approved.  Full Circle School’s video or home-study courses are not DPOS approved.  This means that someone purchasing with a Colorado address will be unable to take the exam and receive CE credit.

The NCBTMB requires that we include the textbooks and workbook with each video or home-study course in order to provide CEs.  For all therapists living outside of Colorado or whose purchase has an address outside of Colorado, this means that a video or home-study course purchase that includes the textbook or workbook allows the therapist to take an exam and receive CE credit.

For therapists living in Colorado or who purchase with a Colorado address, even if the textbook or workbook is purchased, please do not take the exam as we will be unable to give you CE credit.

We know this is confusing.  Please contact us at 720-667-4958 if you need further explanation or information.

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