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Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
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by Darla on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
CE class for arm & hand/head & neck

I thoroughly enjoyed this Class! Dawn Lewis is an excellent Instructor; very engaging, patient and so professional. She can rattle-off anatomy like a Doctor (lol). I appreciate the fact that this Technique has been developed from a Massage Therapists’ perspective. Knowing & understanding how taxing Massage can be, SMRT will minimize this aspect considerably. Thank you so much for coming to Houston one more time. I can’t wait wait to take other Classes. Hopefully later this year in North Carolina.

by Lillian on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

I cannot say enough good things about SMRT therapy, the classes in general, or Dawn in particular.

Dawn has a very straightforward approach to teaching. She’s got a very grounded / earthy energy to her. She’s very intelligent and well spoken about the human body and massage in general, and it could be very easy to be intimidated by the amount of knowledge she has, but there’s no need for it, because she shares it freely. I’ve met other instructors who struggle to make themselves clear, or who are so caught up in their own grandiosity that they act like they’re doing you a favor when you need clarification on something. I asked the other day why we end with a particular muscle group rather than starting there, and got a thorough answer that left me feeling reassured that I hadn’t asked a dumb question AND left me with more understanding of the reasoning behind what we were doing and why.

I love the classes themselves. Every time I go to a class, I meet people who have the same love of massage that I do. Everyone is kind, excited, and engaged with the material and the possibilities that open to us with this kind of work. We rotate partners with each day, which is my favorite thing because it allows us to get our hands on all kinds of different bodies and work with people who have different levels of experience and every single person brings something amazing to the table.

SMRT itself is both the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and the most complicated. The moves themselves are easy on the body. I have a chronic pain condition and I am positive this is the thing that is going to help me find longevity in my career. They are effective on the client without putting strain on my body. I say SMRT is complicated because they require a firm grasp of the anatomy. Luckily for those of us who were in school a number of years ago, Dawn goes through the anatomy of whatever part of the body we are targeting before we learn the specific moves. We also aren’t just targeting muscles, we talk about bones, joints, and nerves as well. The trick is remembering it all when we get back to our clients a couple days later!

My favorite thing about SMRT is that it requires me to be fully present with my clients in session. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, I have a very healthy dose of ADHD, and it’s very easy for me to tune out and daydream in an effort to be quiet and let my client relax. With SMRT, I am always assessing what I’m feeling and thinking about what moves would be most beneficial for my client. It turns on the problem solving portion of my brain, which keeps me engaged and excited about my work with every individual session.

If you have a chance to attend one of the SMRT sessions across the country, I highly recommend them! Even if it’s not “your thing”, I can guarantee you will find someone for whom this type of work is useful.

by racquel on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
Don’t hesitate, take these courses to up level your skills and business

I am beyond thankful I found Dawn Lewis and her technique straight out of massage school. It is because of her teaching my massage sessions have such a profound effect. I hear all the time I’ve never had a massage like this or no one has ever done that. I plan to take every hands on class she offers. It is worth every penny!!

by Taylor on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
The best CE class I’ve ever taken

These classes will change the way you think about massage and the body and it’s mechanisms. I’m so grateful to have found these classes and Dawn and her team. I’ve had the pleasure of taking two sets in the series so far and am eagerly anticipating the remaining and advanced courses!

by Fred Burdine on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

Great message

by Paige Padgett on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
I am getting SMRT-er?

Within one hour of my first class with Dawn, et al., I knew I had found my people and my process. The restrictiveness I have experienced with other teachers was nonexistent. She reiterated the need to be comfort in your own body to be able to be of benefit to your client. The permissive language that allow me to explore the most effective way to apply her process was wonderful.
My clients, family and coworkers have been amazed that we can get great results with me working SMRT-er, not harder. Allow the tissues to guide you!

by CHARLES RAY GRESHAM on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

This was an Amazing experience. The staff was Awesome..
I cant wait to take the other courses they have available.
I would invite all seasoned PRACTITIONER to try there classes out. Again this class was Amazing and can't wait to take the others. ???

by Chantelle Williamson on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

As soon as I started using SMRT moves in my practice, all my clients started saying, "wow, that was the best massage you've ever given me!" The techniques work fast with minimal therapist fatigue. The class was well organized and well-taught. You won't regret taking a class! (maybe brush up on your anatomy beforehand, though...)

by Barb Carlin on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
Passion Restored

I've been practicing massage (primarily visceral and cranial massage) for over 30 years and was ready to gain new tools. I knew within minutes of the course I was where I was supposed to be for now. The tools are easy to learn with the anatomy background I have. I feel renewed and excited about practicing and learning more.

by April Light on Full Circle - Continuing Education for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
My first CE class!

I can't recommend SMRT classes enough! I've only taken one class so far and I'm already using these techniques regularly with my clients. The feedback has been positive and my clients are seeing real results. I found Dawn to be an engaging and highly knowledgeable instructor who has an intuitive mind about how the body works and what it needs. I'm already signed up for another class next month.

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