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    Deep Tissue Issue

    This year I moved my practice out of my house and into an office. I decided to expand and hire other therapists, an acupuncturist, and a personal trainer. The philosophy of the SMRT Pain Relief Center is pain relief and management. Done through a combination of bodywork and exercise designed for each client’s individual issue.

    The first client we had that bought a package and utilized all of our services is doing extremely well, the numbness in he foot is alleviated, her pain levels are substantially decreased, and she is able to walk over a mile for the first time in at least 5 years. The one bump in the road happened when one of my therapists used deep tissue to try and soften tight muscles in her left posterior hip.

    The tissue eventually softened. The client was then in tremendous, immobilizing pain for three days. Eventually, she came in to see me and I used SMRT on her left hip. Her pain was almost resolved within 10 minutes. The therapist did nothing wrong, she felt tight tissue and did what we are trained to do with massage. The tight hip tissue softened, which we are taught is a good thing. But, is it?

    SMRT is Different

    In this client’s case, the tension in her left hip muscles is not from the muscles being hypertonic, it is from the muscles being overwhelmed and struggling to keep handling the load put on them every day. The muscles, her movement pattern, and her body need (for lack of a better word) this tension.

    SMRT allows us to lessen the tension only to the degree the body is comfortable with. We do this by using a philosophy that is opposite that of most massage. We ask why and assess to see what has caused the tension. By working with the existing pattern in the client’s tissues, the client’s nervous system is able to change the tension pattern to a degree that works for that client in that moment. This typically leads to a more effective treatment plan for long term pain management or complete pain relief.

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