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    Erythema Nodosum

    One of my newer clients has erythema nodosum, a condition in which any pressure through touch on the lower leg causes tender nodules in the subcutaneous fat that can take weeks to resolve. Typically this condition resolves itself in a few weeks. This client has had it for years.

    Her pain complaints are left side sciatic pain, lower back pain, and a decrease in ability to move freely (i.e. she was having difficulty going up stairs, having to use mostly her right leg and go up sideways). My initial assessment told me two things: 1) she had a gluteal muscle imbalance, and 2) that imbalance was caused by the tension in her calves. I could not touch her calves.

    The Power of SMRT!

    But, I did not have to. SMRT allowed me to change the tension patterns in her lower legs through positions created at the foot and ankle. I never had to touch her lower legs or take the chance of setting off her erythema nodosum. She was hesitant to come to me because of an experience with a physical therapist in which he just grabbed her lower leg and she spent months with painful nodules covering that area.

    I have seen her only 4 times. Yesterday, her 5th session, she told me that she had no sciatic pain. She hadn’t since our second session. Now she was able to go up the stairs with both legs and very little support from the railing. She feels functional again and that is allowing her to do more in her life. The power of SMRT!!

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