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  • Aurora, CO Advanced SMRT Shoulder Axilla Ribcage & Upper Back 7/14-16/2023

    Aurora, CO Advanced SMRT Shoulder Axilla Ribcage & Upper Back 7/14-16/2023

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    Full Circle School
    2101 S. Blackhawk St., Suite 245, Aurora, CO 80014

    July 14-16, 2023


    Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

    This live course is only for those who have taken the basic SMRT: Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage, & Upper Back video or live course.

    We begin with SMRT releases for muscles. Adding to our existing knowledge, we will explore different releases for each muscle. Along with adding new releases, we will go through two handed releases for each muscle. Finally we will work on muscle binding and release the perimysium (the connective tissue surrounding each muscle bundle) and the endomysium (the connective tissue surrounding each muscle fiber) to reduce binding and allow optimal space within each muscle.

    Next, we will change our focus and learn how to apply SMRT to directly target the fascia and tendons of the muscles in the shoulder girdle, along with the ligaments of the glenohumeral joint, the costochondral joints, the sternocostal joints, and the costovertebral joints.

    Our next segment will refocus us again. This time we will look at what is happening with the humerus, scapula, ribs, clavicles, and vertebrae. This information will help us to further release the muscle tissue, as well as unlocking the periosteum around these individual bones, and thereby releasing the epimysium (the connective tissue surrounding each muscle).

    Then we will put all of this together and work with the muscles, connective tissues, and bones as we learn to follow the patterns in the client’s body to achieve postural balance and homeostasis in the shoulder girdle.

    Our final segment will begin with a couple of shoulder girdle assessments and treatments, and will end with a look at 4-handed SMRT for those of you lucky enough to have another SMRT therapist close enough to work with.


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    2023-07-14 @ 08:30 AM to
    2023-07-16 @ 05:30 PM

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