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  • Have You Ever Worked on Someone with a Knee Replacement?

    Have you ever worked on someone with a knee replacement? I’m full body trained in SMRT, so I know how to work on a knee. From the bones to the most superficial tissues, I got this! But what do you do when ligaments have been removed? When muscles have been cut and tendons stretched? When plastic and metal have been inserted where live tissues once lived?

    I have been working with a regular client, a Doctor and Director of Medical Information Systems, pre and post knee surgery. He is set on having SMRT be an integral part of his recovery process. But when I first started working the knee I admit I was dumbfounded. So, I began by working all the structures superior and inferior to the knee joint. This brought my client great relief and has helped his recovery along significantly. But there were still things going on in that knee joint that astonished me.

    So one day I decided to treat the new structures in a way that Dawn Lewis teaches in her SMRT courses. Asking myself, “Which way is this going?” Then I’d apply SMRT. Sure enough, it worked for this situation as well.

    From general complaints of muscle tension to super technical cases, SMRT never lets me down. With the information that I learn from these courses, I feel confident in almost any situation and with any condition. And I’m confident I will not harm my clients in the process, as the technique is so gentle and intelligent.

    Written by Jena Frey, LMT and Teacher’s Assistant for Full Circle

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