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    Do you need to fulfill your massage continuing education credits quickly?  Check out our courses by digital download…

    Recently I had a woman purchase a video through digital download because she had waited until the last minute and needed her CE’s within 7 days. Digital download is wonderful for this. The video is downloadable and available to watch as soon as payment is given.

    After viewing the video – and I suggest you watch the complete video at least twice – and practicing the work – which I also suggest you do at least twice – you can simply get on our website and take a test for that home study course. The test is required to be 5 questions for every CE hour given.

    This particular woman purchased a 24 CE video and had to take a 120 question test, which she failed the first time. I think she was moving too quickly and did not watch the video close enough or did not practice. Two days later, however, she passed with a high percentage.

    When I get notification a test has been taken and passed, I create the certificate, scan it into my computer, email the scanned copy to the student, and then mail the hard copy. This way, if a student, like this particular woman, needs proof of CE’s quickly, they have an emailed copy of the certificate. Sometimes we are simply unable to take a live class when we realize that time has moved faster than we thought and we need massage CE’s now.

    Check out our home study library at https://efullcircle.com/store/