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  • Fat Wallets and Twisted Hip Girdles


    At the FSMTA convention most people I worked on requested hip work. For a variety of reasons, but one surprised me.

    It was a man in his first week of massage school who happened to be a personal trainer, and was walking bent over from the pain he was in. Now, at conventions I do about 13 minutes of work on people through clothing, with no oil or cream, in a crowded convention hall to show them what SMRT is. Most people will put their bags down, take things out of their pockets, and place those things in their bags. This particular man took a wallet over 2 inches thick from his back pocket. I immediately asked, “do you carry that in your back pocket all the time?” “Yes,” he told me, “I know I shouldn’t.”

    His problem turned out to be a twisted hip girdle, twisted and immobile femur heads, and twisted floating ribs. When we were done and he stood up from the table, he commented that his right buttock had returned. He said he had noticed that one side of his butt was flat while the other side was very rounded, and now both hips felt the same. I cautioned him that the right side was weak and he needed to do unilateral exercise to engage those gluteus muscles. I also felt compelled to tell him that his pain and discomfort were more than likely due to sitting on the huge wallet he was carrying in his back pocket!

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