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  • Feedback from Students


    Patti and I have been teaching quite a few Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique workshops lately. About every 2 weeks we’ve been in a new location. Here are some of the emails I have recently received from students:


    “Hello Dawn and Patti, I just wanted to thank you for making this learning experience a great one. I have all ready used the techniques and have gotten wonderful results.. My thumbs thank you two.. If you are ever back in this area I would love to take additional classes. Thanks again, J”


    “Thank you Dawn. I enjoyed the shoulder, axilla, ribcage and upper back course in Moorhead, MN and have been having fantastic results using SMRT with each of my clients. My new goal is to be SMRT certified for the whole body within a years time! I am also very pleased to have purchased the entire DVD set, it has been a marvelous study tool for me. Looking forward to seeing you in October! Young Therapist in Training, KF”


    “Hope u and Patti had fun at dinner tonight with Margs! Bet us students gave u plenty to laugh about! Truly a wonderful technique, class, and enjoyed my teachers! Love S”


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