Full Circle School Anatomy, Massage, and More Streaming Videos

I have been asked repeatedly to do anatomy videos as a streaming service.  After researching a variety of methods of delivery, I have decided that a facebook group is the best way to provide this content at this time (March, 2020).  I do realize that some of you are not on facebook, and I apologize if that means you cannot partake in these videos, but this is the best medium for us to use at this time.

Video subjects will include:

  1. anatomy videos
  2. massage videos
  3. SMRT videos
  4. yoga videos
  5. exercise videos
  6. anything else I find or know or know someone who knows that fits into the group

Cost: $100 for the first year, however, as more videos are loaded the yearly price will increase.

After your purchase, I will invite you to join the facebook group, Full Circle School Anatomy, Massage, and more video streaming.  Once you are in the group you will have access to all available videos.  I will be consistently uploading videos for the next several months.  Some of the videos are videos we shot for our SMRT Body Guide streaming service, others were taped for that but never made available, and I will begin shooting videos again.

The newer videos will not be shot with my videographer as that is very expensive to do.  So, while the look of those videos will be different, the content will be just as valuable.

This is an example of one of the videos offered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAeMuBYYc_A

We will contact you 2 months before your year is complete to remind you about renewing your subscription.

After you subscribe, no portion of your yearly subscription cost is refundable.  This is because videos can recorded or saved.  If we find that you are recording, saving, or sharing the videos in this service, your membership will be immediately terminated.  There is no CE credit attached to these videos.

If you need us to know anything about your facebook profile so we can find you to invite you into the group, please email us at contactfullcircleschool@gmail.com

We are very excited about this project!! Please hit the button below to sign up!!