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  • Relieving pressure in my Hands

    Question:  How do I relieve the pressure in my hands, particularly my thumbs?

    Answer:  This question came from my esthetician.  Her hands are beginning to hurt because of her job and her posture while doing that job.  And also because of lack of stretching or moving her hands in the opposite direction.  Showing her some moves to stretch her hands the opposite direction, namely down dog and an anterior wrist opener, will help, but only after realigning her elbows and her carpal bones.  The key to getting a good release in her hands will be to realign her elbows, which, of course, are both out of alignment.  Releasing the ligaments of the elbows is actually fairly easy.  Of course, the muscles in the forearm need to be released as well, and the ligaments of the elbow are unlikely to fully correct if triceps is solidly stuck to the posterior humerus.  But during a full massage, you would release the ligaments of the elbow by placing your middle finger and thumb on either side of the joint.  Move the joint right and left.  Which way does it move easiest to?  Gently move the joint in the direction of ease and hold for 20 to 45 seconds.  Check the joint again.  You may have to do this move a couple of times to get full release.

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