• Head & Neck

    I love working on the neck and head. SMRT: Head & Neck – a 12-CE day and a half class – and SMRT: Arm & Hand – a 12-CE day and a half class – are my favorite SMRT classes to teach.

    I was working on an SMRT student the other day who was complaining of jaw pain. I needed to mobilize her occiput, which was locking up her right temporal bone at the occipitomastoid suture. If I could get the temporal bone to move, her mandible would be able to balance between the right and left TM joints. I began by working on the front of her neck, where she had tension in her right longus capitis and SCM. Releasing longus capitis took the tension in the suboccipital muscles down, which helped to mobilize the occiput. Then with one SMRT release at the occipitomastoid joint, her temporal bone was free and her jaw pain dissipated.

    Then yesterday I had a client whose thumb was “killing her.” This is a woman who rarely feels pain. I saved 10 minutes at the end of the session to work her thumb and forearm. Her carpal bones were compressed and her flexor retinaculum was tremendously tight. Five minutes later everything in her had was moving. I had five minutes to work her forearm, which simply melted with each SMRT move I did. She came down from her session and said, “my thumb feels so much better, and I think that must have been effecting my shoulder because my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore either.”