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    Hips & Legs the SMRT Way

    Yesterday I saw an elderly gentleman (a very active 81-year-old) complaining of weakness in his left leg. He said it all began when he had open heart surgery over a decade ago. At first, it was his right leg that felt weak and would not support his weight. But, within a few months, his right leg regained strength and his left leg became weak. It had remained that way since.
    I pointed out to him that he was shifted to the right and had most of his weight on his right leg as we spoke.

    We began with him supine. I spent time working on his feet, legs, and hips, then I moved to his chest. His left lower rib cage was inferior, posterior, and shifted to the right. 15 minutes of SMRT work on his ribs and the left and right side of his rib cage were much more even. This finished the work I had been doing on his hips and legs. After the rib cage work, his hips were almost level and his leg length was almost even.

    After his session, he came to the front desk where his wife and I were talking and exclaimed, “I’m walking on both legs!” As he stood there, his wife and I commented on the fact that he was standing evenly on both legs. During our session he had told me that his wife wanted him to “will himself” to stand up straight because she didn’t like it that he was now shorter than him. In that moment, standing at my front desk, he said, “and I’m taller” as he compared himself to his wife. Made me laugh.
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