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  • How Many Massages?

    In our Georgia classes last weekend we had a discussion about how many massages we each did in a day.

    There is definitely a tremendous amount of personal variance in how many massages each therapists feels they can do and how they do them.

    One of the students said she does 8 deep tissue treatments in a row, no breaks, drinking very little to avoid having to run to the bathroom, only eating before and after. She said when she takes a break, she does not want to go back and do more.

    I have done 8 massages in a day, 3 to 4 days a week, but I know that I need a break, a lunch in the middle to leave the place where I work and regroup.

    Some in class commented that they can only do 4 a day.

    I know my teaching assistant, Patti, does 6 to 8 hours at times.

    Everybody began to ask if SMRT can be modified for self-care, and the answer is yes. As a matter of fact, we will be shooting a self-care video the beginning of September. But the basis of self-care is working smart to begin with.

    Another student contacted me this week and said that she was using the SMRT, and what was amazing was that she was not exhausted at the end of the day. SMRT offers a way to get into the deep tissues of the body using minimal pressure, do an extremely specific and effective massage, and not exhaust and hurt yourself.

    One of the benefits of continuing education in general, and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique in particular, is the understanding that you do not need to hurt yourself to satisfy the client’s need for the deep pressure experience and your need to do an effective and lasting treatment.

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