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    It’s all in the Ribs

    It is crazy how often I am working on a client and the issue is their rib cage. Last week I saw a gentleman whose main complaint was weakness in his left leg and hip pain. At one point in the session he said, “yeah, it all started when I got open heart surgery.” I went up and began to check his rib cage and sure enough the pattern in the rib cage was contributing to the pattern in his hips, which was contributing to his left leg issue. I worked for 10 minutes on his anterior rib cage and the tension patterns in his hips and legs significantly changed.

    A few days ago, I was working on a client complaining of shoulder, upper arm, upper back, and neck pain. After testing her ROM, I began with her rib cage. It only took a few minutes for her to remark on how much the pain had already eased. 15 minutes into the session I had her move her arm again, and her ROM had substantially increased without pain. I said, “okay, that’s it, you’re done.” We both laughed and I went to work other areas.

    Check the Ribs

    Today I was working on a woman whose complaint was neck pain “right under her head in the back.” I worked her neck and head and got results, but her head still sat slightly laterally flexed to the right and her range of motion was decreased when she rotated to the left. I looked at her chest. Her left rib cage was anterior and her right rib cage was posterior. She looked twisted. I reached under her back on the right side and she winced. I worked the ribs for about 10 minutes and suddenly she had greater ROM when rotating to the left and her head was not laterally flexed to the right.

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