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  • Knee Inflammation & SMRT

    Inflammation in the Knee

    One of my clients, who I had not seen in a few months, came in this week with an inflamed left knee. He was working out and “felt something”. Within an hour, his knee swelled up. The doctor gave him 800mg ibuprofen and told him to rest for a week or so. The inflammation in the knee had not decreased in almost 3 weeks. When he came in he could hardly put weight on his left leg.

    I used SMRT at his knee, in his lower leg, and for his thigh and hip. I was modifying the gentle, small movements we typically do with SMRT and moving even smaller and gentler. The inflammation steadily decreased. Most of the tension in the tissue was at the posterior aspect of his knee. This is an area that many therapists are taught not to work. There are many ways we can safely work the posterior knee. SMRT allows for changes in the popliteal area without pressure.

    Inflammation Gone!

    It took me only 3 minutes to soften and see increased mobility in the tissue at his posterior knee. This further decreased the inflammation in his knee. When he came out of my office, he was weight bearing on his left leg and reported that the pain that had been a “15” when he arrived was now a 3.

    Can we see a complete resolution of a client’s pain in one session? Having had this happen several hundred times, I say yes. But I suspect this client will need more work. We shall see. Learn this amazing work by joining me in Omaha, NE from May 18-20, 2018. As I write this, this location is half full. Register before April 18, 2018 and get a 10% discount (it is possible this class will be full before this discount expires, so don’t wait, register asap).