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  • Left Hip Pain from Right Forearm?

    A client came in the other day complaining of left hip pain. I worked his hips and sacrum, as well as his lower back and lower ribs, but the tension was not decreasing much. I decided to flip him over, which was a painful thing for him, and work on his right shoulder. My thought was that the posterior sling was involved and the issue could be coming from his right shoulder. From a supine position, I palpated his right shoulder and found tension, taut fascia, and a general immobility. Right shoulder work seemed necessary, and I thought maybe I had been correct and the right shoulder was at least in part causing the issue in the left hip. I began to use SMRT to release the right shoulder, and again, I got some release, but not as much as I would have liked. Finally I palpated the upper arm and found that the tricep muscle was adhered to the posterior humerus and was very hypertonic. Palpating lower I found that his right ulna was immobile. Having only 20 minutes left of the session, I went to work on his right forearm. It took me four minutes to release the forearm muscles and mobilize the ulna. The tension pattern in his right tricep changed immediately and the muscle softened, but it was still adhered to the posterior humerus. Three minutes later, his right tricep was moving in all directions, fluid, and felt healthy. I went back to his shoulder, which I could see had changed position and found much less tension. Two minutes of SMRT moves later and his shoulder was moving, the fascia in the area was fluid and open, and the shoulder muscles had softened significantly. Still having almost 10 minutes of the session left, I broke my “only have the client flip once rule” and asked him to flip back to a prone position. This time he had almost no pain. I reworked his sacrum, lower back, and lower ribcage with much better results. His left hip pain was coming from his right forearm!!

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