• Let’s Talk Elbow

    Let’s talk elbow. I have a client who generally comes to me for hip pain. He had me work on his arm for a portion of a session once. This week he told me had gone to the doctor for the pain in his elbow. The doctor diagnosed lateral epicondylitis (i.e., tennis elbow) and told him it usually clears in 12 to 18 months.

    My client asked me to spend the session on this arm. I worked from his hand (where I found several carpal bones out of alignment, most notably the scaphoid and lunate at the base of the thumb) up his forearm (which was softer after the mobilization of his carpal bones, and softened further with specific SMRT extensor positions) to his elbow (which was compressed before I started and open and mobile within 3 minutes) through his upper arm (where I explained to him that the tension and adhesion in tricep muscle from the shoulder to the olecranon could be the cause of the pain in his elbow) and into his shoulder and axilla (where releases for teres minor and teres major, serratus anterior, subscapularis, and supraspinatus were needed).

    Within the hour he had no inflammation and no pain, his carpal bones were aligned and mobile, as was his elbow; his shoulder felt open and free and his tricep lifted off the humerus.

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