• Lower Extremity Week

    So, after teaching SMRT: Thigh & Knee and SMRT: Lower Leg & Foot in Tucson last weekend (which was a class filled with fantastic people who made the experience absolutely wonderful), I spent the week working on these very areas. It was a lower extremity week. From the woman who had burning down the lateral and anterior aspects of her right thigh that was completely gone by working on her right lower leg and foot to the man with drop foot I work on every other week who actually asked for lymph drainage and SMRT to relieve the edema, and on to the woman I have not seen in three months whose tension went from the bottom of her feet to her groin. I worked on a lot of legs. I worked legs to alleviate anterior hip pain, lower back pain, and even to straighten out someone who came in saying, “I feel like I am walking sideways,” and someone who came in walking bent over. Everyone left happy and relieved of pain, which I was grateful for. Come and learn specific, therapeutic, deep lower extremity work with Full Circle in Bozeman, MT (April 24-26, 2015). For more information, please go to our website at https://efullcircle.com/workshop-schedule/