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  • Massage Therapist sees Results After Training


    Today I received this email from one of our recent Moorhead, MN students:

    “My head has been spinning since my return from class.  I use SMRT daily on everyone…not all of it, but each day I add more muscles to my memory bank.  And, for some, I just put the manual on the belly or back!

    I worked on one of my clients…tall, body builder, detective with shoulder injuries. I’ve seen him 1-2 x week for over a year. This time he said, his shoulders have never been so relaxed and at rest…pain free.  For the first time his muscles were like pudding instead of concrete. 

    Thank you for vast amounts of knowledge that you pass on to your students.”

     It is amazing for me, as a teacher, when a week out of a class a student is having fantastic results like this. Love it!

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