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  • Massage Therapy for Sinus Trouble

    Headaches, Watery Eyes, Pressure, Pain

    One morning recently, I had a massage session at 7 am for an hour and a half. This particular client began to see me for sinus issues. He had 2 sinus surgeries. When I began to see him, he suffered from constant headaches, his left eye watered constantly, he felt like he could not get his left nostril to be “unplugged,” and he could not sleep well.  

    Within 2 sessions he was sleeping much better because he was breathing much better. His headaches and eye watering were infrequent with days in between. Today, he wanted just a little bit more done with his head (the left side felt tight and the left sinuses were restricted) and then shoulder work.

    The shoulder work performed enhanced what I did with his head. His rib cage and shoulder girdle were twisted to the left. His right shoulder was tight, but not overly so, while his left shoulder was extremely tight and pulled in toward his neck.  

    “I have been looking for someone like you for decades.”

    He came out of my office after the hour and a half massage and said, “I have been looking for someone like you for decades. Regular massage therapists do not do what you do, they do not understand what you do about the body. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me.”  

    In Full Circle’s basic 600-hour Massage Therapy Program, I and my staff will train you to work in a way that is smart, quick, painless, and effective while being relaxing, appropriate to the client, and best for you. We will train you to be able to work in a variety of massage jobs or for yourself.  

    There are so many possibilities of what you can do within a massage session and how you practice massage therapy. You can work full time, part time, as a side job, on the general public, only on your family and friends, only on certain populations (children, geriatric, hospice, sports, etc).  

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