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  • Memorable Moments from SMRT Workshops

    Stories about the SMRT Shoulder, Axilla, Ribcage, & Upper Back class:  in 2013, we had some wonderful things happen in this class.

    I had a woman who had taken the course in 2012 sign up in Billings, MT in 2013.  When I asked her why she was taking the course again after such a short time, she told me “I messed up my shoulder, had all kinds of treatments, nothing is helping, I knew I could get it fixed in this class.”  I was amused, and her shoulder did get fixed.

    In that Billings course there was another woman in class who lacked confidence.  She did not think she was doing well, did not think she was understanding the information.  She registered and took the SMRT: Hips, Lower Back, & Abdomen course in Seattle a few months later.  She was supposed to be working on her partner’s hips, but she saw that the woman’s floating ribs were rotated and immobile.  Utilizing the training she received in Billings, she aligned and mobilized the floating ribs in 5 minutes.  5 minutes!!  She glowed with confidence.  It was a lovely sight.  This is the course we will be teaching in Minnesota the end of April which is almost full! – https://efullcircle.com/class-schedule/