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    Question:  Is a steroidal nose spray the only option for unblocking eustachian tubes?

    Answer:  No, there are some wonderful remedies in the health food store.  Ear oil containing garlic oil, tea tree oil, and/or grapefruit seed extract work well in clearing eustachian tubes and do not upset the body the way the steroidal nose spray can.  Plus, I have found that when you finish using the steroidal nose spray, the tissue reacts by swelling, which is counterproductive.  Western medicine’s second remedy for any ear pain, particularly in children, is an antibiotic, which may or may not be necessary.  This means it may or may not work.  If it doesn’t work, the remedies found in any health food store are a truly effective option.  Right now I am using Hyland’s Earache Drops, which are working much better than the steroidal nose spray.

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