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  • Pain in Piriformis Muscles

    Two weeks ago I saw a woman for the first time who has had extreme pain in her piriformis muscles for 10 years.

    She is a nurse and has seen a number of doctors and physical therapists with limited relief. She gets regular deep tissue massage with limited results. The pain is great, but she has had it a long time and has learned to ignore it and function anyway. The bigger problem is that it restricts her walking. She feels unsteady when she walks and wants to bend forward slightly. I took her at her word and assessed piriformis first, and both were very tight, although the right was much tighter.

    Generally to effectively release piriformis I decompress the sacrum and work with muscle and connective tissue tension around the greater trochanter. Using SMRT, I was able to get a fair amount of softening in her piriformis muscles, but it was a simple 30-second position to release obturator externus that really changed the tension in her hip, as well as the position of her iliofemoral joint.

    I saw this client for the second time this week. She reported that she had 3 days of pain free living, then the pain began to creep back in. After our session, she bounded down my stairs. I said, “how do you feel?” “I came down the stairs without holding onto the banister, which is miraculous.” She replied.

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