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  • Pelvic Pain and SMRT

    Pelvic Pain and SMRT

    One of the newer clients I have is a 21-year-old girl with severe pelvic pain who has seen multiple doctors. The consensus is that the issue is muscular. The muscles around the tops of her thighs are amazingly tight and painful for her. There are little ways to work on this area directly.

    We are getting results with our session because we are using SMRT, which decreases the muscle tone in her adductor attachments on the pubic, rectus femoris, TFL, and quadratus femoris painlessly and, many times, remotely (meaning I do not have to touch these tender tissues directly to decrease the tone in them).

    No Direct Contact Needed

    Yesterday was a good day. She left without pain and a feeling of openness in her hips. One of the best things that happened in the session was a shift in tone in her right adductor attachments on the pubic bone. When I first touched the area, she jumped and had difficulty staying on the table. I hit one SMRT position, held it for 30 seconds, released the position, and went back to palpate the area. No pain! And the position of her right thigh had completely changed.

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