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  • People Do Not Like Pain Anymore

    My assistant related a conversation she had on the phone while registering a student.

    The student said to her, “people do not like pain anymore, we are coming away from the no-pain, no gain mentality.”

    Having had massage sessions with me many times over the past 20 years, this statement had my assistant thinking about what that means and how SMRT enlists the body in its own healing process.

    One of the basic principles of SMRT is that you do not need to cause the client pain to be effective.

    In every class, I tell students this: “The human body is designed to adjust to the smallest amount of stimuli. Guarding already exists physically for most people. When we come at the client’s body in a fast, heavy fashion the existing guarding is enhanced. When we come to the client’s body in a slow, supportive way the guarding is released and real change can happen. With SMRT we are creating a conversation with the client’s nervous system by giving the proprioceptors in the tissues very specific messages. When our hands are trying to force the tissues into submission, the body gives us resistant and guarding and we get very little change. If we are aware of the message we are trying to give the client’s nervous system and we listen to the response from their body, we are able to create an environment in which the tissues can let go. This allows us access to the deeper tissues without using any more pressure than we began with, which is what deep tissue work is all about.”

    This week I received a call from a student who took SMRT courses in GA last weekend. She said, “I work for a chiropractor, and the clients were coming out of my office raving about the SMRT I was trying to incorporate into my work. The chiropractor asked me to work on her so she could see what I was doing, it was nerve wracking, but she seemed impressed, if by nothing else she was impressed at the immediate change in the clients tissues.”

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