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  • Plantar Fascititis or Connective Tissue

    I read an article recently from a link posted on Facebook about plantar fasciitis. The author of the article said plantar fasciitis is largely misunderstood.

    First, it was thought to be a shortening of the plantar fascia, then inflammation where the plantar fascia attaches at the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity, but lately the thinking is that the symptoms may not be in the plantar fascia at all.

    When the bones of the foot become compressed, whether this happens because of types of shoes worn, surgeries, and/or compensation patterns, there is damage done to the connective tissue attaching to and surrounding those bones. Compression of the tarsal bones leads to shortening of this connective tissue, and because the bones do not move fully while walking, a chafing of the connective tissue with each step.

    I have several clients with this issue, and with most a combination of deep tissue and SMRT works fairly well for maintenance, but for one client this only increases the inflammation. Knowing that SMRT would not increase inflammation, this week I dropped the deep tissue and combined the SMRT with myofascial unwinding. After the session, she had no pain for the first time in months.

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